Tuesday, 7 July 2015

It good to be here - with Gaia Creams and theirs Chia & Peach Kernal Superpower Blend

It feels good to be here, at last. I've been preparing this place for the long time, I took care of every detal and - in my opinion - finally it's the way it should be. It looks like my Feainewedd.

I am sorry about my mistakes in language. I am just a simply Polish chemistry student and my Feainewedd is also a project which may develop my English. I want to polish my English :)
But still it suits my Feainewedd. It's a matter of Mind, isn't it? To open up to other language. 

This is my first time, so it will be a little tricky. But I'll try!

Let's start with Gaia Creams. I simply love Gaia Creams and I hope you will fall into this family business founded by Anna McGurran. The most important thing is to help the skin rebuild its natural intelligence, support its regeneration process and make sure it works properly all by itself. Thankfully, Gaia Creams' skin food do so.

However, this is not just about what we are using during our daily care. Much more meaningful is to food our skin from the inside. By proper diet containing lots of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and the energy itself. Make sure it is hydrated properly, start a day with a glass of warm water with a bit of lemon juice. This is the stuff I would remind you of all the time (if you don't mind staying here a little bit longer!). And this matters are also popularized by Gaia Creams - that makes me think of Gaia Creams as a friend. Anna doesn't say that her raw creams or oily serums will make your skin radiant. Well, they will, but you have to change more in your life than just a cream.

If you are intrested in Gaia Creams' philosophy and you want to find out more about it, all you need to do is to visit their web site. Go ahead, it is very motivating.

I've been using Chia & Peach Kernal Superpower Blend serum for a couple of month for now. Actually, I am using my second bottle of this oily miracle - I was lucky enough to win one in the giveaway - on Gaia Creams' fanpage are lots of giveaways, discounts and additional gifts to your order (in fact, that is a way I got my first bottle!). So, to sum up, I haven't bought Chia & Peach Kernal Superpower Blend, it was a gift added to my order and maybe that is why I love it even more.

Isn't it pretty? I really admire style of packaging of that product. And I don't mean only those little bottles (which are cornflowerly blue now!) and jars but also the way it comes to you via post mail. To get to your order you need to unpack paper bag from unprinted newspaper offcuts. Inside you find dried flowers, mostly lavender. Oh, and it smells so beautyfully! Each product is also wrapped by hemp twine.

This photography I borrowed from Gaia Creams' fanpage.

In a botlle we find a golden oil. It has specific scent but it doesn't mean it smells badly. It is just not ordinary. Fortunately, it is not bothersome so you don't have to worry that you may have problems with using serum if the smell is not your type.

It is supposed to be light serum but unfortunatelly it isn't. This is not just because it is made of oils -  I know many oils which absorbs rather quickly and which doesn't leave our skin oily (rapsberry or plum seed oil for example) - it's just a matter of the kind of oil used in product, their nautre.

Inci contains so simple and beautiful ingredients. 

Chia seeds oil, peach kernal seed oil, rosemary leaf essential oil, frankincense essential oil, amaranth grain extract, tocopherol (witamin E), limonene (naturally occuring in frankincense essential oil).

Chia seeds (Spanish sage) are known as a package of antioxidants and minerals. Those seeds have ability to absorb at least 9 times more water than they weight and that is the reason why oil made of them can maintain a healhy moisture of our skin.

Peach kernal seed oil is a very light one, it absorb very quickly and doesn't left a fatty film on skin. It keeps our skin hydrated, helps its functionality as it contains vitamins A and E (skin's best friends!).
Rosemary essential oil is well known in aromatheraphy. Massage with addition of rosemary oil enhances circulation of our blood which means that nutrients have a better way to our skin cells. It is also antibacterial and antifungal.

Rosemary essential oil is well known in aromatheraphy. Massage with addition of rosemary oil enhances circulation of our blood which means that nutrients have a better way to our skin cells. It is also antibacterial and antifungal.

Frankincense essential oil also called olibaum is an aromatic resin used not only in cosmetics but also in perfumes. It is used in traditional medicines in Africa and Asia as a solution to skin problems, among other things. It has a power to rejuvenate our skin and also - according to Ayurvedic medicine - it can awake our spiritual awareness.

Amaranth is a grain which was planted by the ancient Mayans and Inca - so it was appreciated 5000 years ago! And I don't wonder why, amaranth contains lots of minerals, especially iron - its concentration is 5 times higher than in spinach. Extract made of those grains includes also vitamin E and Omega fatty acids. We can also find squalane within amarant, and squalane is natural component of our skin which keeps it elastics and soft.

Enough of theory, let's find out how serum really works on my skin.

I found using this serum  a bit problematic during the day. I have an oily skin and this serum appears fatty on my face. So applying it solo is definitely not in game. Sometimes products like this need a special treatment and I found some tricks which improve comfort of use.

First of all, I mix a drop of serum with portion on my day cream. That makes it even more nutritious and regenerating. And finally I can use my favourite serum during the day!

Secondly, this serum is a perfect excuse for a massage! As if it is so fatty, it makes oportunity to this kind of relax. Massage will improve our blood circulation which provides more nutrients to our skin cells and also nutrients from our oily serum will absorb much better. This is my little secret of fresh and radiant looking almost every morning, even if I didn't sleep well at night - mostly because massage also improve circulation of lymph. It guards us from bags and dark circles under the eyes and from swelling.
The most important thing when you have oily skin and you use oil for massage is to wash your face after you finish with a cotton pad moistened with your favourite toner or flower water. During massage most of serum is already absorbed to your skin so you just wash the overplus.

My skin seems to be radiant, so full of life. Looks youthful and much more healthier, and is really so soft! Serum makes it calm when it's irritated - even if it comes to the sunburns; makes it strong. It stays moistened and elastic.

However, I didn't notice its action according to my redness. My face looks much better but rednesses stays the way they were before. I guess my couperose skin needs something more, something with vitamin C, perhaps. Although, I am really pleased with this lovely serum.

The best recomondation is the fact that I gave it as a birthday gift to my mom :)

Do you know Gaia Creams? Do you love them the way I do?